What size grommet and hole for 2 guage wire?


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im getting a 200 amp alternator for my f150. im gonna upgrade my 4 guage wire to 2 guage. do you think this will be enough? or do you think i should get 1/0 guage. i have a jbl 1200.1. what size hole should i drill through the firewall? what size grommet do i need? thanks for the help.

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also, can i use 4 gauge wires from alt to batt and batt to ground?

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If it is enough depends on how far you are going to run it, but yes it should be fine. Someone posted a neato site that had a table of what gauge was required over what distance accepting a .5 volt drop. Good stuff for easy reference but I can't find it now :-( I though it was Glasswolfs homesite but i can't find it there (easily). The size of the hole and the grommet I can't help you with as that will depend on the brand of wire (and what gauge of course) you get, some will have heavier insulation then others.

Cheers Glenn

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2AWG cable is .2576" in diameter plus insulation thickness.

use the same size cable for ground and alternator as you use for battery to amplifiers/distro block

4AWG is only rated for a peak current of 125A, and that decreases as the length of the cable increases.
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