Help with purchasing amps...please!


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hey everyone, i just bought 2 Audiobahn DUB500 Series 15" subwoofers..Peak Handling: 3,200 watts approx. Per Pair / 1,600 watts approx. Each Sub
RMS (Continuous): 1,600 watts Per Pair / 800 watts Each Sub
2 ohm or 8 ohm operation
(i just noticed everyone posting the info about their subs so i did too lol) Aight anyways, i need to get an amp now and i am new to all this so i have no idea what to get..My friend told me I need to get an amp that can supply 3200 watts of power (equal to the ammount of the subs combined) So i've been looking on ebay for amps of this it ok to by one 2 channel 4000 watt amp, or two 1 channel 1600 watt amps? I really have no idea, and i dont understand all the ohm stuff. Pleaase someone help me lol.

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You want to match RMS numbers, not peak.
but I wouldnt put 800wRMS on those subs.
Look for a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 1200.1
a JBL 1200.1
Hifonics Brutus 1500
or an eD NINe.1
anything around 1200-1500 watts x1 @ 1 ohm will be enough.
wired in parallel for a 1 ohm load.

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ok thanks a lot..but just wandering..would it be bad or even like possible to put an Audiobanh A8000T 1600 Watt Mono 1Channel Amp on those subs? Because im just looking on ebay and its a reasonable price and it would be nice to keep the same brand for the subs and amp. I don't have to get two amps right?

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"would be nice to keep same brand amps as sub"
Ah....maybe if you're talking Alpine.

I like Azz's recommendation on that Hifonics. These things are built very well, have huge power supplies and can drive nicely. Audiobahn just isn't quality electronics.

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k thanks a lot guys

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wait I have one last question...even though the amp is a mono channel amp..i can still hook up two subs to it and get their full potential right?

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Yeah man.
You connect both subs to one channel.
Its called "parallel" wiring

amp positive--------------sub 1 positive------sub 2 positive

amp negative--------------sub 1 negative------sub 2 negative

the dashes are the wire :-)


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oops...I f'ed up
I forgot they were DVCs.
Just use option #1 on this page. =Dual+Voice+Coil+-+4+ohms+x+2&image.x=22&image.y=7&image=Submit
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