Box size?


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Does it really make a big diference, is it hard making custom boxes? also does it matter which way the sub faces? and direction it points?


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yes the box makes the sub. You could have a extremely high end sub but in a poorly built box makes the sub sound like crap. And you could have a so-so sub with a perfectly built box and it sounds better. Im not saying you could do that with some of audiobahn subs that totally different. NO not really you gain what ever the displacement of the sub inverting it. BUT when usally tested its found you lose like a tenth of splk which you can tell.I dont think it matters wich way the direction goes but if youre talking about directing the subs to your body for more spl, maybe youll feel a bit more spl but for a big db difference just fold the seats down

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yes it matters which way the subs are facing. it doesn't make that BIG of a difference but pretty much any sub will sound better if you face them toward a wall
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