Wiring 2 ams. please help!!!!


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i have one 300w amp (dont know for sure the name and model) and a 760w pioneer 2 channels GM-5000T. i'm gonna hook the 300w with the rear speakers and the pioneer to 2 subs (one audio lightning and one punch s1, 300w max each). i'm gonna use a fused distribution block to split the power. there is one 30AMP fuse on the 300w amp and 2 25AMP fuses on the pioneer. so what fuses should i put in the distribution block? should i keep the fuse near the bat? if yes, what would it be? 80AMP??? i have a 93 accord, do i need to add a capacitor to the system???
any body expert about this please help. help would be appriciated.

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Usually there's just a large fuse right near the battery and there're also fuses on the amp. That should be enough - it doesn't look like you have too much power. If you have an optima yellow top you probably won't need a capacitor. If your lights dim, then get it. I noticed you're goin to hook up 2 different subs, always a bad idea. I'm sure they have different excursion and would need different power input to get to a certain excursion level. That will make them off beat and that will not sound good!

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Hey guy, you need at least 80A fuse near the battery. You don't really need it anywhere else cause like Oleg said, there's fuses in your amp.

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Just a tip - If your lights start dimming, that means your alternator isn't putting out enough power to run everything and you'll need a higher power alternator. A capacitor is going to smooth out the spikes that your amps will be pulling, not actually relieving the load on your alternator. If you have a cap installed, that load just won't be as obvious if your lights aren't dimming.

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Jake is right, adding a capacitor can kind of be seen as adding more resistance for the power to go through. The capacitor will be charged and you'll get the power to the amp through there. That's kind of giving the alternator more time to produce a certain amount of current. I doubt you'll need a high output alternator for that amp though. Yellow top will suffice.
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