Need to get cartridge out of unplugged cd changer


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Ok my car got totalled and i took the cd changer out (it was a sony 6 disc r/f changer). i got a new car with an in dash 4 disc changer. I dont need the sony anymore, but i do need the cds out of it. i dont have the car it was in (hence i dont have the power cables) and i was wondering how i could get the cartridge out of the changer without any power. i have take the case off and tried turning the gears themselves but that doesnt work. any suggestions would be great thanks.

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well i got it out, trashed the changer though (it didnt work though anyway but it was fixable, now i highly doubt it is) i ended up just bending the little metal arm that guides the plastic trays the cds are in. i bent it up and over the little stops then bent the slot that was holding on to a little plastic piece that guides the trays in and out and then just yanked it out. magazine is sitll in perfect shape (and its a ten disc not a 6) if anyone wants it. all that used to be wrong with it was the input jack was shot. couldnt find one at radio shack and didnt have the time to look once school started back up. everything except that arm is fine (i could take a picture if anyone is interested) is probably fixable with some work (didnt break anything just bent it) but also would be great for parts. if interested email me at
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