Up Side Down Woofer in India??


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Hey I am from Mumbai, India, and I am just simply happy to have found this site. Best thing was I did not buy Audiobahn SUBS after reading ur stuff. Now we get Pioneer here (and Sony n Alpine) so I was wondering if 2 12" Premire 2000SPL in a Box (3CFT Combined) will do good??? I have got a RF amp which puts out 400RMS in 2Ch. I also wanted to know about any difference in Sound if I install it Inverted( on top with Magnets showing)? So all you Gods of Install Please come n help me with this one.

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the only thing inverting the sub will do is gain you a little space. around .19 if I remember right. depending on the sub. but it seems like that is a good all around number.
If you decide to do this make sure you reverse the wiring on the sub. positive to negative and negative to positive.
India huh. how cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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inverting subs doesn't change response, as noted above, aside from changing box volume due to driver displacement.
if that box is 3cu ft I hope it's a sealed box.
12" subs usually need about 1.5cu ft each sealed, 2cu ft each ported

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Hey Guys Thanks, Thanks a lot, now that I do know that it doesnt make any difference i will surely try this set up. Yes Glasswolf, d enclosure is a sealed one, but now I want each one to be Firing in their enclosures (1.5CFT) set behind Wheel Wells while its Motor Structure is visible in blue neon in my cars trunk. I hope it will give good thump, coz I want very good sound with good quality install. Yes India, man you will be amazed the way American Companies are running to India right now. I found Kicker, Soundstream and Polk Audio showing their stuff out here with RF having started last year. Only one problem is dat Custom Duties are too high and takes the Fun away from it. how INR10K for DB series of Polk Sounds??

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hey harshal where the hell do you get kicker stuff in mumbai ? i dont know a retailer.. can u help me with it ? can you tell me where to locate tht guy.i kno tht jbl in crossroads.. wheres kicker ? tell me man i need tht real bad!

will changing the postiive to the negative and negative to the positive harm the sub in any way?
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