Speaker level input terminals????


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Please explain to me like I'm a 2 yr. old. On my amplifier (kac-929) there is a little plug in that is called "speaker level input terminals", what exactly is this and what does it do???? Thanks!

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There are a couple different types of inputs an amplifier can have.

Line out from the deck...these are usually in the form of RCA jacks.

Speaker level inputs...if the deck does not have RCA jacks then some amplifiers allow you to hook the deck's powered speaker wires directly into it. That is what the plug on your amp is for.

Then your amplifiers speaker outputs go to the speakers.

Hope that is simple enough.

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the speaker level inputs are only used with a factory car stereo.
these inputs allow you to use your rear speaker wires in the car as a signal source for teh amplifier if you say, want to add subs to a factory system.
the downside is degraded sound quality compared to using the low level RCA inputs of the amp which are utilized by an aftermarket CD player with RCA line-outputs designed specifically for using amplifiers.
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