JL 12w6v2 Amp Help!!


I have a jl 12w6v2 and i need an amp. I was thinking about a jl 500/1 but the sub is 400 rms. Would that amp be too powerfull for it? On the jl website it has a recomended power range chart for their subs and it says to run it at about 300-450 watts would the extra 50 or 100 watts matter,would it damage it at all?? Also ive heard that the 500/1 can actually put out about 600-700 watts rms,is this true or is that the max watts it puts out?? What kind of amp would work best with this sub?? I have about 500 dollars to spend on one,thanks.

I was looking at a kicker kx400.1 amp i can get that brand new for $200 would that work good with the sub? But I want the best amp and best sound quality from my sub,so does anyone have any suggestions?

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Call JL Audio directly, they'll tell you that you can run the 500/1. http://www.jlaudio.com/amps/5001.html will have a good set of docs for you.

It might be wiser, however, to consider a smaller amp. The sub does not require the RMS rating for best sound quality. Since that's a subjective term (quality), I'm presuming you literally mean the sound clarity/quality, not volume/spl/etc for thumping down brick walls.

You can power it much lower and still get the excellent sound. When you call JL Audio tech, ask them if the 250/1 would do well for you or a comparable amp at 250-300W RMS. As for kicker, I don't have much to say about that brand, but only because I prefer Rockford for stuff in Kicker's price range.

No actually i did mean i wanted to "thump down brick walls" but without damaging the sub in the long run.
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