Clarion VRX935VD


I was just wondering if anyone knows how good the picture and overall unit is. Or should i go with an Alpine,Pioneer,or another unit. I can get the Clarion for about 800 shipped from ebay and the Alpine And Pioneer units are a little more pricey. So wut would be the best picture,ect. for the money??

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I have a clarion VRX935VD and 2 clarion 7 inch wide 7191 headrest monitors

The picture on the headunit is beautiful. My cousin has an alpine I dont recall which model. But one of his problems is his hand brake security.

Every monitor has the feature where it has to be wired into the hand brake and will only work when the car is in park.

the clarion was easy to get around this, just a joining of wires.

My cousin had to go through 2 switches. So when he wanted to watch a DVD while driving he has to do a series of hitting switches (really funny) to get the video to work.

The clarion plays beautifully. I also have the kenwood kvt-815 in my other car. I love that monitor and compared to it I think the clarion could have a better GUI but i would recommend it over the alpine any day!!!!!!!

Hope this helps.


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I have a question for you. I have a Clarion VRX935VD and I'm trying to install it into my Tundra JBL stock system. I went as far as powering it up but with no sound.

I purchased an amp integration harness to connect the stock harness to my aftermarket stereo. I connected the stock to the amp harness, then connected the loose wires to the clarion harness. Then I connected the 4 RCA wires that comes from the amp harness to the clarion tuner box, Audio Out.

I thought about looping the clarion speaker wire from + to -. Do you have any idea?

Joe Cenkus
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hi i just purchased this head unit on friday and am getting it installed into my car on wednesday and i read what you said above with the hand break, i am getting it installed at my local tweeter and i was wondering are they gonna instal my clarion vrx935vd to the handbreak so i can only watch it in park? if anybody knows if the clarion has this feature please let me know asap thanks

Joe Cenkus
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ne 1 gonna help me ouyt with this?

I just installed my clarion 935vd, and I looked all through the manual. Does anyone know if this unit dispalys the titles and artist of the sirius music? My old unit had an info button that displayed everything. Is this unit equiped with that function? Please let me know thanks.

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I have a VRX935VD and im missing all the wires for it.Does anyone know what the name of the wires are called.

Joe, it is illegal to not have it hooked up to your handbreak. But what I did with mine was I asked very hush hush if the installer could not hook it up, and just leave it hanging out from under the dash. All you need to do is ground the wire and it will work as if the the break is on. What I ended up doing with mine was installing a switch. One wire went to my break and the other went to a bolt which grounded it. Both wires went to the two way switch, which was mounted under my dash. This tricked the unit to think the break was on and then the dvd worked while driving. This is not complicated if you need more info on how to do it just ask.

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Ive got a vrx6570 which is mostly the same but i cannot get the screen of my dvd player to show. i just tried grounding the cable but to no avail. there is a component(rca) input on the back of my unit and i select to view this but i just get a black screen. i have checked the dvd player and that works fine. any ideas anyone?
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