Alpine mrp-m350 and 2 sws-1022 (dvc 2ohm)


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i have alpine mrp-m350 amp which is 200 X 1 at 4 ohm and 350 X 1 at 2ohm mono. it's pushing two alpine type s 1022's in sealed. i also, have alpine 9813 top of the line with 4 v going to amp. my subs doesn't hit very hard. before, my settings were gain more than half, bass eq all the way up and low pass all the way down. it was crappy. but recently i turned the low pass up about 60 and it hit a little better. anyone can help me with settings if they have the same setup? or how low pass works? what would happen if i turn the low pass all the way up or the gain all the way up? if anyone has similar setting please let me know. i will try anything

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also, on my amp in gain it's at 12 oclock says norm and at 2oclock .5 volt. don't have a clue how headunit volt and amp gain volt works.are both suppose to be exact?clueless

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