Would this be an amp ground problem?


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Jensen (Yeah, I know, Jensen's crap) 600w 4 channel amp...Dual Pioneer 450w IMPP's...

When I turn my deck on and off, there's a popping noise that comes through the speakers, also only one of my subs turns on now, and I don't know if I have it wired improperly or if my amp is toast because the one speaker that comes on distorts and flutters if you turn the volume up too much. Right now I have the speakers bridged, one speaker to each of the channels that I have it set on. Any ideas why I'm getting a popping noise and one of the speakers won't even kick on like it used to? I had previously run this setup wired bridged for the last 2 years, then a co-worker needed my spare tire under my subs and I'm wondering if I have it wired right still...

Thanks, sorry about the jumbled post.

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Hey guy, you might want to check all your wires/cables first. If they're correct, then start testing each channel of the amp. Unhook all rca and speakers. Now get one rca cable and attach it to the first channel. Hook up a speaker to that channel's output and apply some sound. If it puts out clean/acceptable sound then move on to other channels. If they all work fine, then you know it's not the amp.
In most cases, it's a bad wiring or a short somewhere.
One more thing, don't let anyone tell you that your Jensen or such and such brand sucks. If you're happy with it, that's all that matters.
I have Jensen, Audiobahn, MTX amps in my car.

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Thanks man, I'll give that a shot.
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