Would this really help power of alternator,battery, capacitor...?


i saw this "batcap" and you connect it to your battery and it acts as a battery and a capacitor... it says it is equal to 100 1 farad capacitors... is this necessarily true? LOOK...

... information on it...
Equal To 100 Farad Capacitor
300 Cold Cranking Amps
Powerful Enough To Crank An Automobile
Battery W/Discharge Rate Of A Capacitor
Dimensions: 2.72"W x 2.88"D x 4.23"H
Easy Hookup - Connect In Parallel To Car Amp
Works With Existing Caps

i guess what i wanted to know was would this for example keep full power to everything in the car with a 200 amp alt, 2 yellowtop batteries and 2 farad capacitor if pushing almost 2800 watts total RMS...or... would this "batcap" make not much of a difference?

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i dont think it would be much of a difference..

you're better off with some yellowtop deepcycle batteries and a battery for the engine verses a batcap


no ur misunderstanding me... im talking about adding the batcap to the deepcycle bateries and stuff... would adding it really increase the power?

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YES... it will help a great deal, sounds like you already know that though:-)

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The function of a capactior is a voltage brace for sudden, heavy power draws from the amps.

They do NOT increase power, nor do they protect from overdrawing the alternator. They simply serve to dump power quicker to the amps when/if they need a sudden spike in a method that direct connection to a battery could not give.

Many people are mistaken as to what a cap does for them until it's long too late, and many mistakenly think that it adds, boosts or protects. It is purely a performace mod to handle sudden, heavy spikes in current draw.

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Hey Anonymous, you don't need more than 4F capacitor for your configuration. It's all a marketing scam. Think of it as someone trying to sell you a car battery to power your pocket radio. Doesn't make any sense cause you know it's a waste of money and power.
On the other hand, if you can get that for the same price as a 1F capacitor then buy it!

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i have 200farads in my ride. (4 50farad banks)

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If your lights are fading while your capacitor isn't hooked up, that means you need a higher output alternator. The general rule is 1Farad for every 1000W that you are running in your system.
Just because when you hook up that cap to your system your lights don't fade anymore doesn't mean it's lightening up the load. Cause it's not :-)
Actually, once someone told me that it strains your charging system more due to the cap trying to recharge itself.
But like Ray said, it's for an already competent charging system to handle the quick surges of power.

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to answer the original question... "yes" the batcap will make a much bigger difference than two 1 farad caps
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