Would this really help power of alternator,battery, capacitor...?


i saw this "batcap" and you connect it to your battery and it acts as a battery and a capacitor... it says it is equal to 100 1 farad capacitors... is this necessarily true? LOOK...bat_cap.jpg

... information on it...
Equal To 100 Farad Capacitor
300 Cold Cranking Amps
Powerful Enough To Crank An Automobile
Battery W/Discharge Rate Of A Capacitor
Dimensions: 2.72"W x 2.88"D x 4.23"H
Easy Hookup - Connect In Parallel To Car Amp
Works With Existing Caps

i guess what i wanted to know was would this for example keep full power to everything in the car with a 200 amp alt, 2 yellowtop batteries and 2 farad capacitor if pushing almost 2800 watts total RMS...or... would this "batcap" make not much of a difference?
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