Can power cords and RCA cables be too close...!


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I heard that speaker cords and power cord should not be put close together. Supposedly if they are to close your sound is shitty... right? So i made sure that my speaker cords and power cords were not close.... but then i realized that my rca cable is lying right with my power cords.. I havnt hooked it up to the subwoofers to the speaker cords yet so i havnt been able to try it out but i was wondering if the power cords will effect the rca cables like it does the speaker making the sound quality go down... input would be appreciated

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Hey Michael, rca and speaker wires should be wired as far away possible from the power cables. Trust me, you will hear annoying buzzing/engine noise whenever you step on the gas. It's best to wire power cables on your right side of the car and all speaker/rca on your left. I think that's the standard diagram on every amp wiring kit.
One more thing, do invest on a good shielded directional rca cables. You won't regret it.

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im gonna wire mine just the opposite of that im gonna have the power on the left side and my rcas on the other side because my battery is on the left side

put ur power wire on the same side as ur battery and the rcas on the other side

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Ok that'll work for you. On my car the battery was on the right side.

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where you choose to run the signal lines (RCAs) should also be away from where parallel wiring bundles are run for factory stuff in the car, too.. fuel pump lines, light wiring, etc..
for this reason the passenger side is often a good place for RCA lines to be run, and up the center or driver's side is good for the power lines.
you need to inspect your car to be sure.
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