Brahmas db?


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can anyone with a 12in brahma tell me how many dbs they hit, with how many watts, box size and type.and in what type of vehicle. I know it depends on a lot of things, but i would just like to know.

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Use this...
It will help you make a box for the Brahma
and you can get the Brahma stats here...
youll have to make a Custom Driver when WINISD asks for Driver.

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i already have all the stats and stuff and box plans, i just want to hear some testimonials from people. thanks for the links and reply though. greatly appreciated. thats a cool site

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I don't own one, but i recall someone on this site that has a 10''. He has it in a 3.75 cubic foot box, probly ported. He powers it with a jbl 1200.1. He says he hits the low 140's. The only thing i'm not sure is what vehicle he had.

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thats prolly my brahma 10" your talking bout.

i have it in a 3.6 cu ft box tuned at 45hz (for SPL), on a bp1200.1, in a 98 ext cab chevy truck. I did 138.6dB on a very stiff mic a few weeks ago. i'm looking to get in the low 140's soon. (building a new/bigger enclosure and tuning higher)

some guy w/ 2 12" L7s walled in an eclipse maxed out at 141dB on in that comp on the same mic. on his worst run he did 138.6, same as my max SPL that day. i have seen the guy w/ the 2 12" L7s do 145dB in another comp.


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thanks marshall, 138 with a ten is not bad. good luck with the low 140's and your box

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Anyone know have an idea of the db's i could hit with an RE X.X.X 15 in a ported box in a 4Runner?

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Depends on tuning, box size, power...bout a million things.
Dont ask that question.

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powered with a hifonics brutus 1500.1 box is 2.8 tuned to 30hz

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142.7db with 70% humidity at 60 degrees farenheit...

No one will know until its metered!

Could be anywhere between 135 and 150 really...
But your box is tuned a too low for big numbers...
and that amp probably does about 1200-1300RMS not 1500, even though thats only about a db difference...
Other things matter...
How well your box is put together...
positioning of the box..
type of port...
size of car...
shape of car...
resonant freq of the car...
how your seats are folded...or reclined...
whether or not the glove box is open or closed (serious)
windows fully open or shut, or cracked...
how much deadening you used.
...theres plenty more.
...Mostly Ghetto rigging SPLer tricks though...

But just get it metered if you wanna know.


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my friend has 1 L5 15" in a sealed box with a cheasy pioneer amp 760 hitting 138 i thought a brahma was more effecient then that

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"But your box is tuned a too low for big numbers..."

if you look at any of powered4sounds enclosures they are tuned in the range of 28 to 32 hz and put up bigger numbers than alot of the average homeade enclosures of course there is a lot of science put into the enclosures they make

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lol sean i do not believe that

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i could do over a 160 with one brahma in port wars, my point is those are up there with the best of the best, always a good choice. however i choose dd

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On the powered4sound website, there's a video of a brahma, in a snail shell enclosure, with 1000watts at 4 ohms to it, reaching 142.9 db.
It was tuned to 44 hrz.
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