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I everybody. Just been reading a lot of think on car audio recently and looking for even more. Just want a bit of detail about main differences between Coax VS Component for front speakers?

What are the main advantage / disadvantage of both of them?

The only specialized shop I've been to told that I better spend on good JL coax, than going with infinity reference component (that the guy personnaly don't like at the shop) and keep some money for an amp + sub.

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coax- cheaper, truer imaging, easier and cheaper install.

component- more advanced with x-overs splicing the hz between tweet and mid cone. supposed better overall sound. mine have a tiny, tiny amount of echo because they are 8 inches away from the midrange driver.

If your going with a "grade B" brand like Infinity, roll with a coax and save money for amp and sub...SPECIALLY if you're getting a sub, dude.


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Thanks for the info.

What do you mean by "grade B"?

Is the echo on component speaker getting worse when you put them further?

What is your opinion on people saying that it is very important that the tweeter are oriented toward your ears (something very hard to achieve on coax speaker...)?

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the echo is very, very, subtle and yes, the further you place the tweet from the driver, the more imaging problems you will experience. I have a pickup and the component bounces against an all glass (pretty much) soundstage. Cars will be less noticeable....i'd still go coax. Grade B speakers are those that are excellent for the general public but good for the audiophile crowd. Grade A= Focal, Dynaudio (never heard em), CDT, and MB Quart Q series. If you decide to step up to Grade A (THE MAJOR LEAGUES), make sure you don't have a Best Buy bought amp backing em up. Like a Cadillac with a Pinto engine.
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