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I was just wondering, does a 10'' subwoofer hit faster than a 12'' or is it just a myth?? Some ppl say that when u wan't tight bass, u go with a 10'', if you wan't deep bass, you go with a 12''. I've heard ppl say it's true, some others say it isn't... What's the reality??

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the reality is that 10"'s are made for punch and they do hit faster cause there less resistens. man ive been up for too long i cant even spell

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yes tens have less surface area to move so they cans snap faster as makaveli said...12s can hit low or high it just depends...

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If its a high end woofer it doesnt matter. A well desinged 15 can easily keep up with a 10. Sure a 15 has alot more surface area to move then a 10 but a 15 doesnt have to excurse as much to generate the same spl as a 10.

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Spl wise a 15 will be louder than a ten. It has a larger cone area so it can move more air. It also has a lower frequncy responce than a ten. Thats the reason a ten moves faster, or has more punch than a 15. A 10 works a slightly higher frequency range alowing its cone to be smaller, and it to move faster. Thats why most people with SQ cars use 12s. They fit right in the middle, lower frequency than a ten, yet not as slow as a 15.

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It has to do with motor strength and the weight
and design of the materials.
Not size.
These days there isnt much of a difference.

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see why i asked the question... Everyone is saying different things :P Everything you guys have wrote seems to be true, but i'm going to make sure. Glass or John, plz answer this. Thx alot for the info guys, it's greatly appreciated.

so to have a good system would u want a 10 and a 12

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Its all relative.
Lets say youve got a 12 with really heavy
materials and a weak motor.
Its not going to move as fast as a 10 with
light materials and a strong motor....
if youve got a 12 with light materials and a
strong motor...
it will move faster than a 10 with a heavy cone
and a weak motor.

These days...quality speaker companies will use
different motors on 10s 12s and 15s so that
they are closer to equal as far as speed.

for instance...Elemental Designs uses a completely
different motor to run the 16kv2 as opposed
to the 11kv2 and 13kv2.
the reason is...the 16kv2 has a larger cone,
and needs a stronger motor to keep up.

5 years materials and knowledge
made this myth a truth...
however...these days it is getting less and less
true, because of advancements in materials
and design.

The rest of these guys are listening to old people
or something


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It's not that a 12 or 15 is "slower" than a 10. Assuming the motor is strong enough, if you were to put the same motor on a 10", 12", and 15" cone, you'd find they move as fast as each other as far as transient response assuming enclosure requirements were met. There may be a teeny bit of difference, but nothing worth mentioning. The big problem is that a 12 or 15 typically has more mass than a 10, especially when built similarly, which really causes more problems when you're trying to STOP the sub from moving, resulting in a little more overthrow, so if the sub suspension isn't great and the box is so-so you'll have a little sloppier sound. Also, the bigger the cone, the more resonance you have in upper frequencies. As far as how fast the sub reacts to the signal, mass accounts for a little, but inductance matters more. Larger subs tend to have larger voice coils as well, equalling more inductance.

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Instead of looking at which is better, 10" vs 15", think of it as what type of bass you want. I selected 18" cause I wanted very heavy long bass. It all depends on your application.
That's my 2 cents.
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