Low high pitched sound comeing from speakers


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When I have the volume low and I accelerate, This low pitched(isnt really loud but noticable) sound comes out only when I accelerate(The pitch will get higher if I accel Higher) But if I put the volume a bit louder you can't hear it. What could be the problem? I'd like to eliminate this problem since when I install a amp, the pitch gets alot more noticable.

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Anyone? Would really like to eliminate this.

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Ground problems

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So what should I ground it to instead?

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This noise is coming from your alternator. The motion of the alternator affects other magnetic fields in the engine. The alternator then picks up some of the high frequencys and transfers them through your head unit to your speakers. U can fix this with an alternator suppresor or a car noise filter/car audio filter. I have the same problem with my system. Look around on the internet for some cheap ways to try and fix it but other whys a suppresor or a filter is needed.

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Hey mdfmk, you need a solid ground wire. Try under your back seat. Sand/grind away on the car chassis and connect the ground wire, try and keep it under 18". Should solve that annoying noise. I had the same problem. Also check your rca cables. They will pick up noise if too close to power wires.

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Head unit ground can cause this as well. Also, make sure all the wiring in the engine compartment is away from the alternator, distributor, ignition wires, and other electrical components.
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