Is the alpime type S 10" a good Sq sub. If so will it sound good with 160 watts RMS in a small sealed enclosure. Also will it play fast beat techno well.


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ive had no problem with the type s 10s or 12s they are decent for the price...i ran 3 of them and hit a 154 db running all at rms but the tens have a lot more snap and better sq...

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You got them mesure in a termlab??

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That sounds unrealistic but those subs are good for SQ, especially in a small sealed box. They should handle your techno stuff just fine, you might also want to look at infinity subs.

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Username: Jroc

West Salem, Wisconsin U.S.

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my bad i didnt mean to put 154 i meant to put 135 ...sorry for the insignificance...but yes they are a good sq sub ive never had a problem with them..

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I have the Type R 12's. They rock!!! I am installing three of them total in my truck. There isnt much of a difference between the 10 or 12's.

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how would ya'll compare the Alpine Type-S to the Image Dynamics ID10v3 for pure SQ? I've heard a lot of good things about both.
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