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hey all, i wanna build a new system, as it stands i have 2 15 inch audiobahn alumQ's, a one farad cap, and a visonik 2908 amp (like four foot long).... i wanna start new...some suggestions please...my system now is real nice sounding and pretty loud...but when i rated it i only hit 140 dbs...i want to hit harder, clearer, cleaner ...louder.....somebody please give me some suggestions.....whats sub, what box, what amp...i can only blow 600$.....i posted this before..and never got any help...maybe this time..thanks!

cant think for yourself?

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i thought this board was to get opinions and help...if i wanted to do it all on my own id just go buy whatever...im here because i would like to get the most for my money...

How about listening to systems and deciding for yourslef?

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you want to hit harder than 140db's with only $600 bucks...good luck..for 1 i dont see you getting anywhere near that with $600 bucks unless everything is used..your going to get what you pay for man..just wait it out and save up about $500-700 more and do it right..get quality stuff that will last, rather than somethin to get you by for now that you will end up replacing again in 4 months..

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Naw dude check out some of the enclosures you can build on www.thecarstereo.com they have designs that can make a 20 dollar sub sound like 500 dollar sub. If u want spl check out the 4th order bandpass and the 6th order bandpass.
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