Nakamichi or Rockford Fosgate???


Ivan K
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Hi, I just bought a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 for front doors and a pair of Infinity Kappa 693.5i for the rear. My question is which amplifier could be the best for me?

The Kappa Perfect 6.1 handle 100W RMS with 400W peak and the Kappa 693.5i handle 110W RMS with 330W peak. Both of these with an impedance of 4 ohms.

I've been looking the Nakamichi PA-2004 with 4x100W @ 4 ohms RMS and also the Rockford Fosgate Punch P8004 with 4x100W @ 4 ohms.

I would appreciate a lot if someone could tell me which amplifier is better or if you know of another one that is best for my new speakers.

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I would go with the nakamichi. the RF Punch line is their lowest line and their low end products have been going downhill for years

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That isn't true I just got 2 rockford amp's the rockford p8002 and the p4004 they don't over heat, they sound good and I haven't had any problums. I am quite satisfied with Rockford's amps and the subs the p8002 is pushing the rockford rfd2210 hx2's. Rockford is a well knowen name and if you go to Rockford's web site they can show you how the new line compares with old stuff.r

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Actually, I second what taylor said. I have nothing but nice things to say about the revamped Punch line. Everything has its place, and RF is never out of the question on non-audiophile installs.

However, for those nice speakers, Ivan, I'd encourage you to consider the actual Infinity Reference 7540 amp (110W 4-channel RMS). They would be perfect for the rear, and very close on the fronts.

I'm a big fan of the credo "If you care enough to stay with one brand of speakers all the way around, you should at least consider the same brand amp if they make one for the range you have."

In the end, it comes down to your perception and comfort and balancing budget vs. name value.

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"I'm a big fan of the credo "If you care enough to stay with one brand of speakers all the way around, you should at least consider the same brand amp if they make one for the range you have." "

That's a load of crap in car audio honestly. Some of the best speaker makers make crappy amps, and Infinity is on that list. Some of the best amp makers make crappy speakers as well. Infinities amps won't impress, they aren't built very well, they are riding on their name with that one. If I chose one single brand for everything it would be Eclipse. As far as the comparison on Rockford's site, it lists nothing relating to what really matters, they just list power ratings. I could make a 200Wx4 amp and rate it at 100x4, but that doesn't really give it any more quality than an amp that puts out 150x4 and is rated 100x4. The older Punch amps were still built better.

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Mabey but Rockford is still a good brand. They might have went down hill a little but they are still better than a lot of maine stream brands like audiobahn for example, and I wouldn't mind having Eclipse all the way around! lol

Ivan K
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Jonathan: Between Nakamichi and Eclipse, which one do you think is better in multi-channel amplifiers? Which model would you recommend me? Thank you...

Also, I would like to know if these amplifiers work properly with the factory stereo of a 2004 Honda Accord. I have not been able to get any specs from it.

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Oh goodness, you're going to buy ultra-grade gear and then drive it with a factory head unit?????? You just made all the brand selection questions completely moot, IMHO. Best of luck.

Ivan K
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Do you think it's that bad? The problem is that the factory HU controls are mixed up with the climate controls and they are a little complicated to replace, but maybe I will have to do it anyway...

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