Sub blown or Amp fried?


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I didnt know whether i should post this here or in the subwoofers forum but oh well. One of my friends had to unhook his speaker wire to cut some off and then wired them back up just fine. Later he was messin around in his trunk and thought he had the positive and negetive wires going to the sub backwards and switched them around, but really they were right and he moved them to be wrong. Now he says his subs dont pound, do you think this is a problem with his Amp or his sub? Any help ASAP would be nice. thanks

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sounds like one of the subs is still wired backward and it's out of phase.
have him check polarity on both subs, or have someone who knows what he's doing check it.
that should fix the problem.

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He only has one sub, and he said he thought he saw smoke coming from the box but later he said he hooked it up to an old amp and it bumped a little but he dosent know for sure.

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You might have fried the terminals. The speaker will play for a while before just dying all together. Tell him to check the amp because he might have blown a channel.
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