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I have a Audiobahn a8000T with a 1Farad cap...I have a 2000 nissan maxima with the
Bose system...looking for a sub or subs that I connect to the amp and cap so I DON'T HAVE MY LIGHTS FLICKERING (very imp)

Here are the specs for the amp....the amp is a MONO amp that has an rms power of 800w x 1 @ 2ohms or 400w x 1 @ 4 ohms...

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aight...first of prolly need a new alternator that puts out more amps..just changing subs aint really gonna help cuz you still gotta power you amp..which i will tell you that Audiobahn is not a good brand to go with..but you have it already so..we wont go into details..look for a new alternator to put in it at or somethin like that

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Hey BadAzzBowtie... i appreciate your input...i would like to know whats wrong with Audiobahn...what would you recommend...How many amps do you recommend for the alternator?..once again thanx for the input.

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Hey audiobahn is not Bad there just not the best . they are still better than a lot of subs. if you all ready have them i would just keep them and use them.

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i'd look into anything from like 200 and up
cuz stock alternators only put out about..65-75amps..and if you get one that puts out alot now you wont have to worry bout upgrading in the future..i'd look at some JBL amps, MTX, Kicker,diamond(pricey)..theres plenty more but u'll just have to search the messageboard
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