My Whole new system... what do you guys think/ Glass help!


head unit allready have

Audio Control Epic-160

Audio controll EQS six channel EQ

Front 6.5"
KAPPA perfect 6.1
6-1/2" Component System
RMS 100W

Rear 6.5"
6-1/2" Component System
RMS 100W

AMP for all Componets
Hifonics ZEUS ZX-6400
RMS Power: 85W x 4


15" brahma MKII

Hifonics BX1000D

Lots of sound deadening.

I plan on buying all this at once and taering my car apart to install EVERYTHING even sound deadening. no wiring or building of box has been mentiond. i allready have the sub and im on a tight budget.
all this is going into a 02 grand cherokee im getting rid of the front 6x9's and going with 6.5" becasue people tell me they sound better than 6x9's.

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How can I increase the amps output of a typical auto alternator. I need the amps more than volts. Its for an invention im building. Is there a kit that is available out there? If so I'm able to disasemble and alter the insides. Also, will the increase in amps hurt any other electronic accessories?
I need info on how I can alter the output of the alternater only.
Thanks Mark

wtf where did you come from?

Hey man, thats a really good system.
Im not too familar with the H.U but everyting else is good.

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great system layout but the perfects in back are going to be bright.
you may just want to use some mids in back so they aren't so distracting from the fronts.

mark, you need to have the alternator rebuilt and beefed up, or get a high output alternator.
see or or
the alternator should have a fixed voltage via the voltage regulator of about 14.4VDC. the current supplied will depend on the alternator winding.

thanks a lot glass. what rear speakers would you recomend? just kappas or somthing else?
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