Dual amp problem?


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i allredy have a 1200w SPLX amp installed in my car with all the wires sitting nicely round the car interior but that is only to power my sub. since my 6x9's are only running off the standard stereo power they are only getting 50 watts each and they are rated at 500w peak power therfor at a certin volume the bass over powers the trebble, i am looking into getting another 2ch 400w amp so the trebble and bass are a bit more even but i dont want to go through the trouble of running another power wire, remote turn on wire and earth wire round the car, any one know if it is posiable to just get power and remote turn on from the wires i allredy have in there?
cheers, Dave

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Yeah just splice the remote wire and put it to the other amp.. then for the power just get a distribution block..

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Hey David, if you're getting too much bass and not enough mid/highs, try 4 channel amp. It will balance out the sounds nicely. You're really not getting 50W from your HU. They only say that to trick newbies. The actual power will vary anywhere from 13W to 17W rms the most. That is why a sub will overtake it easily.
One more note, don't buy cheap 4 channel amps, they will pick up noise.
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