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Well, I have a '97 ford escort sedan, and I'm looking to upgrade the Audio system in it. My budget will probably be around 600-800 (possibly more), so I'm looking for suggestions on what to get. I'm guessing I'll need a new deck, speakers, and then an amp/sub/box. Because my budget is limited, what would you suggest I get? Should I wait a while for the sub and just go with speakers? Maybe only get 2 front speakers and a sub?

The front doors are 6.5", and back can fit either a 6x8" or 5 1/4".

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Jason Hoover
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You will need to get a Head Unit that you like and i would only go with front speakers for now...Your subs will "drown" out the back speakers so to speak...ill leave the rest up to every one else

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Is something like this: %26

a good deal?

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Oh and just to add something, I only listen to classic rock like zeppelin, floyd, beatles, doors, santana, etc. I'm more in the "daily driver" category, not looking for top of the line equipment, just something that will make the car rides more enjoyable (at the moment I don't even have a CD player). Maybe that will help a bit.

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I am praying to the ROCK GODS that u r not thinking about buying that audiobomb bandpassing gas box. Oh dear rock gods please don't let this person stray, help him see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Read a lot of the prior posts and see what the majority of the people on this forum think of those subs. You do not want them. AAgain I repeat DO NOT want them. You may as well drive around town and scoop up doggy do-do and put it in the trunk, run a 8 guage wire to it and listen to that, as to buy those things.

You can do a heck of a lot better for the money you want to spend.

First start with the h/u and front components, worry about the subs for later. Then read and learn.
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