How to run 4 speakers and 1 sub to 500w amp.


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I am going to wire up 4 180w 6.5 xplode speakers to a 500w 4/3 channel Sony Xplode amp. I will also be wiring to that amp a Kicker Comp 12" sub. I'm not trying to blow anyone out of the water but I do want it to sound good. What would be the best way to wire this to get the best sound? I am also running a 52wx4 Sony 8005 head unit.

Jason Hoover
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what i would do is bridge 2 channels of the amp for the sub...and wire 2 6.5s to a two channes will have ur 6.5s and 2 channels bridged to 1..IF ITS BRIDGEABLE..but thats just me.

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I know it's possible to hook up the +'s together and the -'s together from 2 speakers and run them as one speaker to the amp. So on the front speakers could I bridge them to the front connectors on the amp and do the same for the back speakers but on the back speakers also bridge the amp? So I would have the front speakers bridged as one speaker to the front outputs and then have the sub and other two speakers powered from the rear connectors on the amp? This should work fine should'nt it? As of now I have done this but have all 4 speakers hooked up to the front outputs on the amp and the sub bridged to the back and it sounds good but there isnt really any bass in my speakers, mostly from my sub.
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