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I have a Honda prelude 4th gen (92-96) and have a tiny trunk... stock cd deck... what subs would you recommend on a a low couple hundred dollar budget would you recommend for fast hitting double bass? i have a 4.400 rockford amp, 1 farad RF cap, and a dual bandpass box that used to hold 2 pioneer 12's. they blew. so... what would you say would be my best bet on reviving my setup?

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For fast double bass, definately not a bandpass enclosure. Go for another 2 12s in a sealed if you want very tight, focused bass. Or even 10s if you're absolutely crazy about tight double bass. Adire Shivas are a good deal if you don't want to put too much money into it. Dunno anything about the amp, so you'd have to look into if that would work. Also Eclipse is pretty good, other Adires, RE, Infinity Perfects, etc.
Just have to look around a bit.
Might also want to upgrade that HU.

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dunno, id say shivas too, but i think u should consider the weight also. it is a sports car after all and i do think u wouldnt want that much drag.

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come on you guys, thought you knew better. you want a ported box, tuned above 50hz at least. a couple tens would work great, even some good eights. shop around online a little for prices, then post a new message if you have a ? about a particular model or brand, ect.
btw, you better be listening to some old slayer in this soon to be system. heres an old one, remember metal church, oh crap, heres one, sanctuary. holy sh!t, scatterbrains, umm.... man you've got me goin through my old tape collection in my head now, damn i better quit remembering these ol bands before i get flashbacks, l8r bro. e-mail me if needed
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