2 decent subs or 1 great one


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Some examples, 2 12" Adire Shivas vs. 1 12" Bramha or 2 12" Alpine Type R's vs. 1 12" Type X. I've heard that having 2 will move more air, but also the higher end models have more RMS than 2 of the lower ones put together. I'm going for SQ mainly, but it'd be nice to get loud. I've got an E-150 van so space is not a problem.

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go to walmart, buy 12 of there roadmaster 8" subwoofers, they run about 20 bucks a peiece, find yourself a JBL 1200.1, surprisingly the subs are dual 4 ohm, wire them up, you got yourself a wall of 12 subs...hahaha

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Dude, your problem is too much space.
Id say 1 15"...I hate to say it..Brahma...
Or if you can find an eD 15AE out there...
Or if you can wait for the eD 16Ov2
ported...tuned to 27 Hz or so.


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I listen mostly to hard rock so I want more of the tighter bass that a 12 can give me.

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go with 4 infinity kappa perfect 12 dvqs it will allow you to run one amp at a steady 2ohms and will give you high volumes with great responce and will make it loud

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In a vehicale that big one 12 isn't going to do what you want it to do. I would try for 3, or 4 subs. Two maybe if you have a really good box design, and go with high end subs.

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Okay well I guess the question is 4 mediocre subs or 2 great ones. I'll prolly go with the Shivas. Can a JBL 1200.1 do that or should I go with 2 600.1? They're 4 ohm subs. And then should I put them all in one box or have 2 dual boxes? What's Glasswolf's opionion on this?
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