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I'm lost on how to wire up my speakers to my amp. I have two 4-Ohm svc's. I know I need to wire them in parellel to get 2-ohm. I know how the wires need to go but not sure how to do it. The speakers accept pin,bannna's etc. How will I end up only running one pos and one neg to the amp.
I also read on my amp (rockford fosgate P6001) "Although there are two sets of speaker terminals, the amplifier still produces a monaural signal. The A and B speaker outputs are internally wired in parallel."

So does that mean I can just hook up both speakers normally and it since it is internally wired parallel it will present 2 ohm?

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Hey. To wire 2 4OHM Single Voice Coil speakers into a 2OHM load, you should load the up like the picture I included below. Just like you said, parallel. Now when you hook the 2 speakers up together, (pos to pos) and (negitive to negitive) at the woofer closest to the amp, add another wire to run from the speaker to the amp. Then your all set. :-DUpload

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Fosgate Monster Audio, so you re saying to bridge the amp?

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yes, sincey ou said the amp is 2OHM stable. Just make sure you don't overpower the subs. Look at the RMS rating for the amp at 2OHM and the subs.

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wait wait wait
you have two SVC 4 ohm subs and a mono amp.

the mono amp has two pair of speaker terminals to simplify things.

just wire one sub to each pair of terminals.
pos to pos, neg to neg.
that's it.
that's a 2 ohm load. all done.

good to go?

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Great thats what I was asking. So I cant wire them to each terminal seprately and it will work!!!
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