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Jason Hoover
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Any one have any hints to make your current system sound better then it already does..Just making convo seeing what your guy's opinions are

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i guess it depends on what system is and how its set up

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Adding a capacitor = 10db
adding "audiobahn" decals = 4db
adding neon lights = 5db
using 1/0 ga cable for speaker wire = 12db
using home bookshelf speakers in car = 4 db
using duct tape anywhere during install = 3db
anyone else?

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Actually i've seen duct tape bring around 5db's

Jason Hoover
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LMFAO....sounds like 'rice' to me...adding wing on front wheel drive for downforce...adding flame stickers...i hear those lund hoodscoops can add 300 HP if stuck on the hood right and even..most arent

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rig up some altezza's from a car thats not yours so they mount on your sub box and make them beat the music, thats gotta add atleast 8-200 (yes 200) db and another 50HP...

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Why do I feel dummer than before? Help?

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ok tell ya what. tell us your car, system, and goals (comps, daily driver, SQ, SPL, what..) and we can suggest tips.
it has to be in some sort of context to really be meaningful :-)

I have a question for somebody- I have 2 Rockford Punch HX2 12" subs ran by an MTX rt2400x. The subs can take 1000w rms since they are 500 each the the amp puts out 750. If i upgrade my amp will i see a big improvement or can the subs already be reaching full excursion since the box is ported?

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Tinted windows = 16-18 db

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dangle balls =10db
white sidewall tires=50db
bobblehead dog in back window=5db
hula girl on dash =10db
freespin hubcaps=20db

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Tilting your seat back so only the top of your head can be seen = 1db per inch tilted back

Geico 1-800 # sticker = -6db

Members Only jacket = -10 to -15db depending on color.

Stuffed animal in window=you should be shot
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