Damm the New Lil John CD Blew My R.E. X.X.X.


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Just Kidding.
Just wanted to have some make some fun at a previous thread.

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Lil Jon blew whom in a triple X what?
and he's a CD?

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Ok everyone. Yes, someone was playing Lil Jon and the East Side boys CD and they blew there subwoofer. Oh yes, very exciting. Lets get back to helpin other people with questions. It was funny when it happened. :-D

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lol @ glass

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Time for me to sh!t on RE now.
*squats over subwoofer and pinches loaf*
Just kiddin.
enjoy your inefficient sub with a foam surround.

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Ok Ok . Lets get back to work and help people. I just could not help my self.


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inefficient sub?

all speakers are mechanically inefficient if you really get down to it.
they only produce about 5% work for the amount of power used to drive them.
welcome to the world of linear magnetic transducers.

nothing wrong with foam surrounds by the way. I have subs from the 1980s with treated paper cones and foam surrounds, and they still hit just as hard and well as they did on day one.
They also have a hella high sensitivity rating due to the low cone mass.
Never had a problem with foam surrounds to be honest.

azzhole...just curious what kind of system do you have if you think RE is so bad?

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Inefficient is 82.9 db @1w/1m
A 10in X.XX for ya...
And thats in comparison to the average 10"
which is around 87db...
4db is more than twice the power or twice
the cone area.

Foam surrounds disintegrate faster compared to rubber..That has nothing to do with how hard they

And I was kidding.
But you guys started it :-)

Also, what system I have has nothing to do with why
Im being an azzhole...
Im tryin to spice up this forum.
It needs it.


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you mean your trying to add some drama? i have enough drama from daytime tv...

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Sorry dude, Im busy during the day.
And I dont watch daytime TV, because
I dont take it up the anus.
good luck with that.
remember to lube.

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Hey Guys,

I started this message as a Joke. Nothing more Nothing less lets keep it that way.
What happend to having a good time.


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Has anyone here seen the movie The Boondock Saints?

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Username: Hdubb

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yeah, why?

Unregistered guest
Guys, I'm a h0m0sexual ok? I just wanted to get that out in the open. I hope Damien can just realize that we can't be hiding this love between us anymore. But Damien, I have something I need to tell you.

That Kicker Solo-Baric that was in bed with me last night with the white specimen glazed across the magnet...I lied, it was mine, and I don't care what anyone says...KICKER IS MY DADDY!

I'm sorry for anyone I dissapointed, and Damien, I have herpes too...I didn't want things to end this way but I must be truthful with you.

P.S. - I want my Lil Jon CD Back Damien, I just want to get crunk and say "yeeeeaahhhh" a few more times to remember how crunk we used to get in the anus. I confess, I'm a Bia Bia...

Unregistered guest
Im pretty sure no one is confusing me for you.

Imitation is a great compliment for me...
although your staunch idiocy kind of voids it.

I dont have a problem with Kicker necessiarily...
or kicker solo-baric..
Just the L5's and L7's and Solo Xs
I think Ive made that pretty clear.

And I listen to all kinds of rap in case you were wondering...
just not that dog waste you hear on the radio.
Pop rap is horrible, and sucks kids like you
in with its catchy beats...which all sound
the exact same...especially lil jon.
I dont care if his new CD has different types of
stuff on it either..
I listen to rap that I can relate to...
I cant relate to getting "crunk" or
yelling "yeeeeeeaaaah" simply because I think people
with cerebral palsy probably do that more often
then a rapper does.

Good luck with your job at McDonalds.

Oh...and you posted this in the wrong thread
you retard.


azzhole...i still want to know what kind of system you have

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Azzhole probably has some Jensen speakers running off a Rampage HU. Maybe his McDonald's job payed enough to get one of walmarts speaker boxes with 8" subs.

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You mean the 8" Sparkomatic? I got on of those from Wal-Mart and it was okay so I bought another one and it rocks. ferget kicker. go sparkomatic.

Unregistered guest
I could lie anyhow.
What difference does it make?
I know more than you...deal with it.
I love how much crap I get for dissing RE too...
You guys are clueless.
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