Best sub for 1.86 cubic foot box?


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Alright, I measured my custom box (sealed not ported) and it has 1.86 cubic feet per side (divided into two sections). I was looking at some Adire Brahma 10" but they require 0.25 to 0.85 cubic feet. How would they sound in a box with a lot more air space? Same question with the IDMax 10". They require 1.00 - 1.50 cubic feet. Would I be better off with the IDMax because my box is closer to meet its specifications or would the Adire Brahma be fine? Also does anyone know how much air space a RE X.X.X needs in a sealed box?

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You could put slabs of MDF, to take up space, making it a smaller box.
Just a suggestion.

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Yeah but why not take advantage of the space I have. The IDMax is no that far off from what I have but I still don't know how it would affect the sound.
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