$10,000,000 FREE!!!!!


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Monroe, Louisiana USA

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hello everyone,

i know this is REALLY off topic, but i just wanted to tell you guys about a scam email that i got recently. LMAO...

It is one of those African 419 Scams...lol. The guy sent me an email and said that I am the only living realative to a CEO (or something) that died recently. All i have to do is sign off of some stuff and i can inherit his fortune. He claims is totally legit...YEA, SURE ;).

what kinda system you think i could get w/ that...lol


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lol, I ALWAYS get those. Ever since I posted a ad on a mustang wanted site, I usually get about 10 of those a day. Can't trust putting your email anywhere.

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You should try the same trick back to them. Say you found $10,000,000.00 in your backyard and ask them if they sign few documents it's theirs. I'd be curious if they reply.

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It would be my luck that I get that email and it would be true. I had an older uncle that was a millionaire, he died before I was born though :-(

i am a millionaire (well my parents) so i get w/e i want :-) ... coming in is a new lincoln MArk LT...the new navigator truck....and no you werent mistaken they arent suposed to be out until 2005...i got connections 8-)...the beds gonna be filled with 8 JL 13w7s and 8 1000/1 amps... dont ya wanna grow up to be just like me? :-)

just kidding, right now i can only afford 2 13w7s and no amps or nuthin else :-) so i guess im savin up for now lol my parents do have quite a bit of money but they make me pay for everything...atleast this way im not a stuck up biznitch :-)

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Well I was gonna ask where you were going to get power for 8 amps.. ha ha.

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he could set it up like Alma Gate's bronco...

like 15 alts...lol

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Username: Jmloughrey

Farmington, CT

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alma gates....crazy crazy man

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"alma gates....crazy crazy man"

Jeff, its a old woman....
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