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I know this is off topic but if anyone has any ideas/explanation it would be appreciated. I am looking to lower my car i understand the concept of the springs at the front but can anyone explain to me what a torsion bar is?? do you have to buy new ones or can you adjust the current ones. Thanks very much!!

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Torsion bar suspension uses the flexibility of a steel bar or tube, twisting lengthwise to provide spring action. Instead of the flexing action of a leaf spring, or the compressing-and-extending action of a coil spring, the torsion bar twists to exert resistance against up-and-down movement. Two rods of spring steel are used in this type of suspension. One end of the bar is fixed solidly to a part of the frame behind the wheel; the other is attached to the lower control arm. As the arm rises and falls with wheel movement, the bar twists and absorbs more of the road shocks before they can reach the body of the car. The bar untwists when the pressure is released, just like a spring rebounding after being compressed. Adjusting the torsion bars controls the height of the of the vehicle

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Get under the car and have a look at the torsion bar coming from the lower control arm, if you follow it back to the chassis or subframe you will find an adjuster, normally a huge bolt. If you undo this on BOTH SIDES the exact same amount this will lower the front end of your car, be warned though - This can put the wheel alignment out on the car and also in some cases the camber. Do this at your own risk...

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think about getting a stronger suspension
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