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Has any one here actually competed. I am trying to gear myself up for that and I would be curiouse on your experience with it.

I guess I'm asking what kind of a system do you really need to compete and actually be considered a competitor.
I really want to give the SQ seen a shot and maybe a little of SPL for fun.

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I competed in IASCA and USACi for quite a while.
A lot of what you need to know will depend heavily on the class in which you compete.
there are numerous classes in each sanctioned circuit.. IASCA, USACi, dBdragracing, and so forth.
rules vary greatly based on which circuit you want to get into.. best advice I can offer is to go to the event sponsor's website like or and read up on the rules for what you want to get into.

this coming season if I get my car all together and runnign, I'll be getting back into competition, probably pro circuit, for SQ in the unlimited class I'd imagine, since I have a total rated power in the car of 1500 watts. I'm planning to make NOPI nationals so we'll see how it goes.

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by the way novice class events, I've seen people compete with barely non-stock systems.. the disparity of system complexity is astounding between the various classes, from $500 systems in escorts, to $150,000 systems in Hummers.

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Great so you have had experience.
What do you think about what I have currently

I am currently running
3 sets of Diamond Audio M661
2 sets of Kicker RMB8
Eclipse Head Unit CD8454
Phoenix Gold 32band eq.
2 Optimas Yellow.
200 amp alternator

1 US amps USA3000 = 3000RMS
1 US Amps TU4360 = 360 RMS
1 US Amps USA400 = 400 RMS
1 US Amps USA200 = 200 RMS
Coustic XM7
DynoMat Extreme all over the truck.

I like to take my time before goin at anything.
So I am trying to really build something special with the doors enclousures the speakers subs amps. and SO on. I dont just want to slap something together and say ok I want to compete now.
Now I just need the best set of subs to acompany this set up.

Or maybe even take out the Diamond Audio and put in USD wave guides.

I really would appreciate your opinion on this matter and thanks for the answers that you have given already.

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system sounds great

hope to see ya at events

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Thank You. I hope to get the build and everything right. This is my first serious effort to try to compete. I have spent a good amount of time and Money putting this thing together.
I can hope for the best and see how for I can get.
And I look forward to meeting people like you in the lanes to see how they do things and continue learning. Ultimately the Eric Haldaway's of the world are the one's to try to stand next to I think. So the road ahead will defineatly be fun.

Thanks for your time and everyone else.
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