Is it true that sealed box=SQ and slot ported box=SPL?


does a sealed box have better SQ than a slot ported box? does a slot ported box have more SPL than a sealed box?

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a sealed box gives a more flat, uncolored response, so more accurate.
a ported box is more efficient near it's tuned port frequency, so you gain about +3dB over sealed.

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So i bought a Polk Momo MM12 a few weeks ago. Havn't installed it yet, cause i'm waiting for my RF 501S amp, but its 500RMS, sealed box 2OHM single voice coil. I bought it because it has very good and accurate SQ. But is it just the Sealed Box, or is it the Sealed box and the Speaker that makes is such good SQ?

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a sealed enclosure of proper size will generally produce deeper bass, quicker attack, and less decay than a vented box.

but there are different families (alignments) of vented enclosures that can be built. certain alignments offer improved performance approaching the accuracy of a sealed box while retaining the efficiency vented boxes are known for.

generally speaking, bandpass enclosures are some of the best designs for SPL, and one of the worst for SQ.

btw, in my experience, the enclosure type has more to do with SQ or SPL than the woofer itself. also, good performance is important for obtaining both SQ and SPL. the better the capabilities of the sub, the higher your SQ or SPL will be. whether your sub provides better in the area of SQ or SPL depends on the enclosure choice.

also remember that SQ + SQ + SQ can get you SPL, but SPL + SPL + SPL will not get you SQ.

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How would size of a sealed encloser effect the SQ? Would a larger or smaller box give cleaner bass?

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In reference to sealed enclosers, would the SQ be different with different size enclosers--would smaller or larger be better?

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Sorry for double post, not sure what happened.

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When going with a sealed box it is best to stay within the manufactures sugestions. However if you stay inside of that range, a larger box will give you a slightly lower frequency range, and require a little less power to reach full excursion, A smaller box will give you a little more punch at the high end, and will require more power to reach full excursion. (Glass, feel free to corect me if I am wrong here) I perfer to split the difrence and get an over all balance, give or take a little for my box design. One more thing to watch out for is finicky speakers. Some are very picky about box design, others give you around one cube to play with.
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