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I just put a sub in a box and it all went in fine and everything but it sounds a little off. I can see by atleats one of the spots where you screw it to the box right inside the box. Im assuming that air is escaping sounding it to sound bad, its like a vibrating or something. Its impossible to install it so there is not atleast one spot like this, i think the box hole is slightly too bad. Anyway my main question is, is this most likely the cause of my problem and will using some sort of sealant in these locations possibly fix it? Also what products could be recommened if any.

There is always the possiblity I didn't wire it correctly but with one sub and one amp it was pretty straight forward. The sub is dual coil if that matters at all.

Thanks in advance.

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What amp and sub are you running?

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I forget the model number of the amp think its MRP-350 or something, but its just a 700W mono amp, alpine. The sub is a 12inch dual coil type s. Not top of the line stuff or anything but I had a 10 type s in there before and it sounded better :S

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You might want to try some silicon caulking or something of the sort. As long as it plugs up the hole that the air is escaping out of. I cant really recommend anything in particular.
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