HELP!!!! Is this cadence amp any good????? glass, john, bacon


i am looking at getting a cadence Z7000CF amplifier.

its a "cheater" amp (hehehe)
this is what it is rated at:

1x 50w @4ohm
1x 1000w @2ohm
1X 1500w @ 1ohm

i called cadence and they say that the amp will draw 130A at full volume. that would make it about 83% efficient (w/ 14V).

is this a good amp or not???

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Cadence makes good amps...
so, yes...Its good

i can get the cadence Z7000cf for about $400 shipped.

is this a good price?

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Sounds about right.

Will that cadence amp really put out 1500wrms at 1ohm???

i REALLY need to know.

it confuses my because the amp is a high current class AB amp and it only draws 130A. Wouldnt a class AB amp be like 65% efficient?

This one is seems to be like 83% efficient!!!
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