1992 Buick Regal H/U swap


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hey guys, a buddy of mine has the above mentioned car, and she's having some problems getting the cd player she bought installed...]

I cant figure out what the wires are for.

haha i know this sounds like i'm an idiot, but its weird.

does this car have external amps? obviously i can get the h/u to turn on, but cant figure out how to get sound from the speakers. thanks guys

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well first you need a test light. and you have to find these 3 main wires. you will have to fins constant power, that will bee your main power for the radio that wire will go to the yellow wire to your HU , switched this wire will only turn on when you ignition is swithched on that wire will go to the red wire of your hu. The n you just have to get your ground which will go the black wire of you HU.

You have to play around with the remaing wires to find the speaker wires. Unless the old radion said something about premium sound system you wont have to worry about amps

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hey thanks joseph... but i guess i forgot to mention that i'm not a newbie to electronics :-).

anyway i said that i already had power. the question i had was about the speaker wire configuration...

after i posted, i looked at it some more, and realized that the factory radio bezel was so small, with no heatsink or anything at all... that it was practically impossible for it to contain its own amplifier. this means that at least one of the remaining 5 wires was for a remote trigger for the external amplifiers... leaving 4 (1 for each speaker... the speaker grounds could be generated at the amp)...

anyways, i decided that the stock external amps probably sucked, and i didnt feel like tearing the whole dash apart to find them, so i just took off the top dash peice to access the speakers, clipped the wires and ran new wires from each speaker to the HU... which wasnt really as bad as
i thought... only took like 15 minutes.

this setup obviously worked like a charm, because there werent any stock links in the "chain" anymore.

hope this helps someone with a similar problem...
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