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Ok so I went to a local car audio store and previewed the Focal polyk and a pair of Morel speakers that were priced at 500 dollars. Apparently these two speakers show two very different tastes in music/ speakers. I listened to them with my own CD that I burned and compared them over and over and I keep coming back to the Morel's. The problem is that Morels are very hard to find and I was thinking about spending 300 dollars ebay price instead of 500 dollars retail. Are there any other speakers that are more widely available than these that will produce the same type of sound I want. I listen to mainly acoustic music, and I loved how accurate it sounded on the morels. Apparently they are tighter speakers than the focals. The focals have more "warmth", as in they are looser speakers so that they kind of roll on and off the note if you know what I mean. I don't want that, I like the sound of a accurate speaker more than a warm one, and I like my sound tight. Thank you for your help.

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dynaudio and upper end rainbow would give similar results, but they cost more than the morels.
may just want to save up and get what you really want.
those morel components.

great speakers there, too.

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Damn, well I guess I'll just save up, the way that round here by counting crows sounded on them is reason enough to buy them. They were the DotechMkII's if that changes the answer, even though I doubt they would.

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hehe indeed. good speakers.
I use DynAudio System 360 fronts

also great components with a very flat, natural sound and laid back, smooth tweeter.
I happen to use Counting Crows' August, and everything after MFSL original master recording 24K gold CD release as one of my audition CDs, too.

You just can't find a better mastering job on a CD than MFSL gold CDs... with the possible exception of the MFSL SACD releases.
I have a handfull of their CDs I swear by for audio system auditions.
pink floyd - dark side of the moon
pink floyd - wish you were here
pink floyd - the wall
ella fitzgerald & louis armstrong - again
bb king - lucille
jeff beck - wired
police - synchronicity
sting - dream of the blue turtles
sting - ...nothing like the sun

I have a few others with some classical, baroque, and jazz (like Incognito) but the above CDs are my favorites for their mastering quality and just crystal clear transparency and realism.
Next on the list is pink floyd - shine on
but most folks don't want to dish out $300+ for a CD box set.. lol

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I did some research and the MFSL Gold CD's sound really cool, I'd love to get my hands on atleast the counting crows' August and everything after (one of my favorite CD's, and currently "round here" is my favorite song. I did some searching and I couldn't find a place to buy them at, where do you get urs?

Is there anywhere to buy morels online///

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I havent seen any place to purchase Morels online. I bought mine from a guy in AZ. If you go to the website you can find a list of dealers. Be warned that these speakers are very pricey and no one wanted to give me a deal on them. I had several people quote me 100 bucks over MSRP. WTF!!! Just an FYI. Let me know if you need the guys name I bought from.

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that MFSL CD is OOP I believe, so check, find the "gold CD" listing of it and use their used CD finder to get it used.
that or hunt ebay for "MFSL CD"
you'll get 2 or 3 pages of their CDs
they only run a limited pressing of each album then that's it.
they get really expensive as soon as the pressing ends.

thanks eric..
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