What Thee FiZuCk?
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Ok, i have had it...what the hell is the point of this? I've heard that it is a "Remote Gain Level" which is a knob that sets the gain, but you can mount it in the car so you dont have to go in the trunk.....BUT, how the hell you set it up? I heard at first your suppose to turn the gain all the way up on the amp and then set the gain with the bass knob, but next thing you know 1 of my subs blow and the knob was at 1/2....did i do something worng or what??? im too confused

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Gain just controls how much bass is being pushed out,it should'nt blow out at halfway unless you had your music really really loud,what kind of sub and amp do you have?

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remote bass level isn't the same as gain.
"gain" on the amp is properly called "input sensitivity."
This is the control that balances the input stage of your amplifier to match the line voltage of your source (the head unit or line driver.)
this should be set ptoperly once, then not touched afterward, and never used to compensate for a lack of amplifier power volume.

the remote bass control is really just a variable cut/boost EQ setting.
it's at a fixed frequency, and allows you to add a bit of boost to the signal at that fixed frequency point, much like the slider on an EQ.
Turning this up too far though, can cause the amplifier to clip in some circumstances.
Mostly it's a matter of common sense, and taking care of your gear. If you hear distortion, you need to make some adjustments so you don't damage your gear.
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