Grounding problems!!


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Hi there, i have a peugeot 306 with a 800w amp 2X400 and 2 10" subs. When i wire the amp up as usuall i get bass but its a lot of air and not really heard apart from when your heads in the boot. Whilst fiddling around one day i realised that when i touched any of the speaker outputs to the outer casing (with a screwdriver, purley accidental) the bass sounded the B****ks. Then i'd remove the screwdriver it sounded dismal again! Ive chatted to loads of people and its been suggested that its a major grouding issue. So out came the metal file and i removed all the paint around the grouding point. No change? So the next option was to buy some phat 8awg cable and run it straight from the (-) battery terminal to the amp.. STILL NO CHANGE? Any one with any suggestions? Its looking possible that the amp might be faulty. But i got it on the cheap from where i work as it was a discontinued item, so a refund or exchange isn't really my idea.. UNLESS I HAVE TO!

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Running a wire from the negative terminal
is only making things worse.
the ground cable should be no longer than 18"
Are the numbers your listing RMS or peak?
running 8 gauge wire to an 800watt amp is
a really bad idea.
needs to be at least 4 gauge, both the +
lead on the amp, and the ground wire.
"youre only as strong as your weakest link"
as they say...
try that out.

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The problem with 4awg is that it doesnt fit in the terminal on the amp. Although it was a strugle getting an 8awg. At the moment the power runs down the middle of the car. The ground goes to a middle seatbelt bolt which is about 15" long. Its just weird that i only get pukka bass when i literally short the amp! any other solutions is it possible that the amp is faulty.

One other thing is the head unit has no RCA outputs so what i have done is used a device that changes the wires to RCA outputs. Im litterally about to go and see if a different head unit solves it!

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Well per my last experiment the amp works better with a head unit with RCA outputs. but no CD!!!! :-( I didn't think there was any problem with my wiring. so now all ive got to do is buy a head unit with CD and RCA outputs! Thanks help2 for your help!
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