Clueless on right speakers for my system


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I'm pretty new to the car audio thing but I have $2,000+ to spend but I'd prefer to stay around $2,000 (including professional installations). I was looking through the archive and saw that Glasswolf recommended 2 kicker 12" comp vrs with a kicker kx600.1 amp, and I'm pretty set on getting that. Now I am clueless as to what speakers would would go good with my subwoofers. I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee with an infinity system and infinity speakers seem to be well liked on this forum, so would two infinity perfects up front do the job? Also what amp would best power the speakers you recommend? Thnaks!

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Put in some MB Quart PCE 213 5.25 components that double as coax in the front. These have 1'' titanium tweets and a titanium coated poly woofer. Drive them with a JL Audio 300/2 amp stealth series. These two combined will run avg.$300-350spkr + avg $350 for amp= $700. Take out your rears. You'll be so happy with this combination that you'll send me x-mas card!

Dude, if $700 is too much, go for a cheaper Alpine 50X2 amp driving the MBquart reference (step down, but titanium tweeters). This combo will run about $400.00. These have x-overs too but can be mounted as coax if you don't have the door tweets.


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ah a 96 JGC. I have a 94, and about to get an 01 myself.
ok that ZJ body has 6.5" all the way around for factory speakers, and a dash location for tweeters.

look at decent 6.5" separates in front, like Infinity Kappas or CDT Classic CL-61 set from
if you want rear door speakers, look at a matching set of coaxials from the same line as the separates you use in front.

for power, you could use an Alpine head unit with the internal Vdrive amp, or any good head unit with 3 sets of pre-outs, and go with a small 4 channel amp like a Kicker KX600.4 or 300.4
that'd match very well to the KX600.1 and two CVR12 subs

amps can be mounted under the rear bench in the cargo areas there
subs behind the rear bench in the trunk area
that's about all ya need, along with an amp wiring kit and power distribution block for the two amps.

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Wow, thanks GlassWolf you're my hero! So I guess the kx300.4 would be if I go with only front speakers, and the kx600.4 for if I go with front and rear speakers? I could care less about spending more money on people who will sit in the back :-) Would just Infinity Kappa's in the front be loud enough for me?

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the 600.4 is 75 watts x 4.
that'd be a good amp if you go with the kappa separates in front and kappa coaxials in back.
they'll all drop right into the factory openings that way, too. you can stuff the front crossover modules either in the doors, or as I prefer personally, behind the center console behind the ashtray location.. there's a huge hidden opening there when you pull off the center console plastic and remove the ashtray to get in there.
this would give you a feel for the setup:

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Ok so right now I am looking at all of these at because they seem to have good prices and I don't want to go the ebay route.

Alpine CDA-9830 Receiver - $270
2 Kicker CVR 12's - $200
Infinity Kappa 60.5cs for front- $210 (don't think I need perfects)
Infinity Kappa 652.5i for rear - $110

Now when I looked at the amps I noticed there was an 04KX600.1 and then a normal KX600.1 which I would guess is older. The newer one is only $10 more. But on the mutli-amps I guess they went from an old KX600.4 to a new 04KX650.4 which is $100 more. Should I make sure both of my amps are from the same line? If the $100 more for the 04KX650.5 is worth it I don't mind spending an extra $100.

Sorry to have so many questions but I just don't know what I'm doing so I'll go ahead and ask the rest.

What kind of ported box would be best for my subwoofers?
Which amp wiring kits would I need, there are so many options?
What power distribution block do I need, so many options once again?
Should I get any sound dampening materials for a 96 JGC?
If my brother knows the basics of changing speakers and my dad knows wiring from building houses, how much of the installation do you think we could do or what would we need installed professionally?

Sorry to ask so many questions but I would have asked them all on here eventually. Your honostly too nice helping so many people everyday GlassWolf.
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