What does wiring in series do to an amp??


if you wired an amp in series what would it do to the amp? im guess it would produce more heat but what about like does it chang the ohm load and is it bad for the amp? anything else you kno could help... i was just wondering for a future system thx.

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you have it the other way around series would make you amp play at a higher impedance and parallel would leave you at a lower impedance. the lower you go you run the risk of heat. but if you buy an amp that can hadle low impedances you will be safe.

so if jus for an example i bought a RF t30001bd and ran 3 subs... the 3000w x 1 at 1 ohm would be less than 1 ohm when running 3 subs in parallel? ... and another example... say i bought a jl 1000/1 and 2 13w7s... and i wanted to run these in series... could you do that? would it be bad for the subs or the amp?

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The lower the impedence/resistance, the higher the
current, which results in more heat.
Wiring in Parallel reduces resistance(more current/heat)
while wiring in series increases resistance. (less current/heat)
You cant run 3 subs at 1 ohm.
You CAN run 3 at 1.34 ohms or 3 ohms (dual 2 ohm)
You CAN run 2 13w7s in series without damaging
either piece of equipment, however it wouldnt
be very cost effective ;)

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Hey Anonymous, here's the trick with series and parallel wiring. In Parallel Wiring, the speaker's ohms is cut in half, so for example you had 2 4ohm speakers, that'll give you 2 ohms. Now if you get another pair of 2 4ohm speakers, it'll give you 2ohms again. If you then connect those 2 in parallel again, it'll give you 1OHMS. The reason is you're dividing 2 by 2 = 1.
So for your question above, you'll need 4 subs to make it into 1ohms, not 3.
I think the above also answered your 2nd question, you can use 2 13w7s in parallel to JL1000/1 amp (2 ohms mode).
The Series Wiring just adds the ohms together, ie 2 4ohm subs = 8ohms in series circuit. On the other hand if you had 2 2ohm subs, it'll give you 4ohms. This would allow you to use it with amps that only support 4 ohms bridged.

ohh... okay i was confused... i thought it was cutting the ohms on the amp.. but i see now that its cutting or multiplying the ohms for the subs...i guess wiring in paralell or series makes it alot harder to match subs.... why cant just everything fit together as one :-P

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Well they do fit easily if you only use one sub. But just keep this in mind, 1 sub can equal to 4 ohms or 2ohms (2 voice coil connected in parallel), 2 subs = 8ohms or 4ohms or 2ohms, 4 subs = 16ohms, 8ohms, 4ohms, 2ohms, 1ohms.
By using parallel and series combination, you can achieve the above ohms.
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