Stealth Amp Rack, what do you think?


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ok on the right side of the Trunk theres a bigger space due to no gas tank there...
I was wondering if I make a board fit against the trunk...
then screw in a Hifonics Brutus 1500D into the board...
have the an amp kit installed...
then have another board infront of it, from trunk opening to rear-wheelwell and brace this board to the amp's board...
then make a top piece to screw on...
I would use the same trunk intior carpet on the front part of the amp rack and on the top piece, then screw the top piece on.
I thought of this for Amp safty/anti theft...
ok now what im really wondering if this is a good idea?
The other reasons why I want the amp there is theres a big 6x9 enclosure behind the seats, I dont want a ported box to mess with the 6x9's and I dont want to move the sub box to get to the amp, (seats dont fold down).
the reason im asking, I wonder about the amp over heating...
has anyone ever had a Hifonics Brutus 1500D, any issues of heat? but seince its against the trunk I would think it would keep cool.

Also Should I make this amp rack out of MDF?

What do you think? suggestions/opionions welcome.

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I think your going to have heat issue maybe not now since its getting cold but definatly in the summer. How i have my amps setup are on the back of my seats and theres lil distance inbetween the amps and the box. If you stick that idea you might want to put fans onto that panel thats going to cover the amp. maybe 2 pull in an 2 to push it out of that compartment.

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any other idea's? or suggestions?

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mount the amp.
cut a hole the size and placement of the amplifier's surface in the top board you're placing over the amp so it looks flush mounted..
that'll let air get to the amp, but it looks good, and hides all of the wiring and such.. still lets ya see the amplifier's top though.
that'd be your best bet for cooling.
like this:

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AH, good idea there, not that the other is isnt apreechiated, I think ill do that.
Glass does it again!
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