How to become a beast?


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I was doing 70 down the freeway when I noticed a Chevy tahoe slowly pulling up to me in the carpool lane doing about 80. But.... before i could even read the numbers on his license plate i started hearing his Subs hitting...ON THE FREEWAY! HELP!!! Any speculations as to what this guy was packing? How can i get my system to be just as mosterously deep and as loud as this guys system was.


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catch up with him and ask him what he's running in the sound dept.
sounds more like he was doing 60 and bumping the extra 20

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probly a 10" audiobahn :-) there sweet....

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its a truck, the subs are outside already, Cars have trunks that seal in sound, some better than others.

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where was this, what city?

no kickercomp, it's not yours.

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in so cal

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ill tell u what, it might of been this guy i know that has 4 different cars, all with 15 inch L 7's. the friend that hooks up my gear had 2 15" L 7's with US amps --- one to each---- it was pounding. theres a liquor store 2 block away from his house and u could see the windows rattle. the thing is, in so cal, a lot of people r just into spl instead of SQ .L7's are the most popular sub because of that. they migh not be reliable or SQ based, but i guess everyone may agree they hit hard and low.

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when i was going to school on the freeway, my friend was passing me and i had my windows rolled down as did he and when i got to school he said my system's bass filled his entire car, that kind of made me mad though because thats bass that i could have inside my truck rather than in his car
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