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Alright, I'm looking to get some new subs. I just have some cheap stuff I started with and it is time to upgrade. I'm am currently running two MTX 10" thunder 4000 which are beat to hell but they still bump. Seeing how well the MTX has taking the abuse I've given them makes me consider getting some new ones. As far as my amp, well I have a Phoenix Digital PD Chrome Series 2 channel 1000watt 2ohm stable amp which I know is not great but it has giving me no problems. Heres a picture.. I've also got a Kenwood KAC-7251 2 chennel 800W Amp which I will hook up when I get some new subs. I figure I'd be pushing about 800 watts per sub if the amps are over rated which I'm sure they are. So my question is, which of these subs would be the best for what I have? Or is there something better that I overlooked...

Kicker 04S10L72 10"
MA Audio HK100XC 10"
Alpine SWR-1021D 10"
JBL P1020D II 10"
MTX Thunder 9500 10"

Keep in mind I'm trying to get a pair for around $400. All of the subs listed I can get for under $200 a piece so if you suggest something else keep in mind the price. I'd give you some box specs but I don't remember my measurements.. lol. Its a sealed box with about 1.75 - 2.25 cubic feet per side. Since I'm on the subject, which type of cone gives the best sound quality? lows? mids?

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Im not really an expert but i can help you with the kickers, i have a pair of them. They are not bad for SPL but the SQ isnt that great, especially at high volumes. But to choose between the subs you listed above you have to decide if your going for SQ or SPL, just give some more information on what your looking for in a system and somebody that knows more than me can help you.

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Well my car is loud for one so I need something that is going to be heard. As far as which I perfer, SPL or SQ, I'm not quite sure of the difference. But I'm leaning towards SPL since my goal is to have the best car system out of the whole school. But then again I need something that is going to play a good range and have a quality sound since I do have a PS2 and a MA Audio 6.8" LCD monitor. It has to sound good while listening to music, playing a movie, or playing a game. I guess it is a lot to ask for but there has to be something out there. I've wanted some Kicker L72's for a while but would they sound good with the airspace I have available in my car?

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The Kenwood KAC-7251 is rated at:
150x2 @ 4 ohms
230x2 @ 2 ohms
460x1 @ 4 ohms (bridged)
Dont look at Max/peak output numbers btw.
I know someone who has a Kenwood KAC-7251
Its not underrated.
Itll push 1 eD 16Kv2(dual 2 ohm version)pretty damn nice though.
those are only 135 bucks shipped.
you can buy a box from eD to Luke.
the website is
youll still cash in under 400 bones for sure.
Plus youll be the only person at school to have
an eD sub...most likely.
Make sure its ported, for more SPL

I wouldnt hook up 2 different amps to subs.
not only would it look tacky, but it would
cause noise cancellation.

What the cone is made of is only part
of what makes a speaker sound the way it does.
But the lighter, and stiffer the better


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Well i dont know much about the PS2 and the movie stuff, but music wise out of the subs you listed the MTX would be the loudest and the alpine would be the cleanest sounding(best SQ). But i wouldnt recommend running two different amps, if you do make sure the sub box you use has separate chambers or the subs could be damaged because one amp will be more powerful than the other. But i would recommned you choose one amp, post the stats on it like RMS wattage and what OHM load its stable down too, and we can go from there and you can pick subs, but you would be better off with many other subs that arent on your list. And if you want it to be loud you should probably look at 12s instead of 10s.

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Alpine is the best for sound quality i dont know much about mtx or jbls but to me jl is the best for music and the surrond sound for your movies fosqates are good for music listening and good bass but i reccomend jl audio

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Sell the phoenix digital chromed turd.
Build a box for 1 12 or 15, ported.
save yourself a few bucks and some credibility in the process.

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Well if I got a speaker with dual voice coils i could just bridge the pheonix amp and run 1 speaker off both phoenix and kenwood amps. And then do the same with the other. Or is that not a good idea? As far as the amps looking tacky, well that is fine because I'm making a plate to go over the amps this way I'll still be able to put stuff in my trunk without setting it on amps. I'll also add a fan or two and make sure the plate is vented so the amps won't have a problem with heat. I really don't want to go with a 12" simply because I don't want to make another box. But if I had to go through the trouble I'd get 15s. Those eD subs look nice and yeah fosgates are nice but everyone has them and I'd like something different. And my box has two seperate chambers, each I'd say have around 1.75-2.25 cubic feet, give or take a little. As far as amps, eventually I'll be purchasing a new amp but for now I'll have to run what I have. As far was what amp I get depends on what speakers I am getting. But I was thinking of getting a Kicker 1200.1.

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The new rockford subs arent very high quality, JL subs are prolly one of the best but they are expensive. But stick with one amp and two subs, you will be better off.

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Dude...dont run one speaker off 2 amps.
Unless theyre the same amp, and theyre strappable.
which yours arent.
You dont have to build another can buy one
with all the money youll be saving only by only
getting one sub:-)
one 15 will be louder than 2 10s anyhow.
especially ported.
dont pass up eD because its a small company.
I run 1 13kv2 in my work truck now...
Ive been through literally hundreds of subs
over the last 10 years.
It sounds great.
tight and clean and loud.


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What would happen if I did run the same speaker off of different amps?

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It wouldnt look like that most likely
But youre supposed to have the exact same
ammount of power going to each coil.
Using 2 amps on one speaker wont really allow
you to do that properly.
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