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I have a 1200 watt phoenix digital 2 channel amp i don't know what rms it is and two pioneer 15's thier 300 rms and 600 peak thier dual voice coil and 2x4 ohm when i hook them up amp goes into secured mode when i bridge it they sound like crap they don't hit solid and they kinda rattle when i hook up just one it drills very hard and very smooth i hooked up each of them so it's not the speakers i think i need a bigger amp any suggestions

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sounds like you have one of the speakers out of phase.
typically when the amp goes into secured mode like that, it's because you are trying to drive them amp with a lower impedance that it is designed for. try using one voice coil from each speaker to each channel. if that works fine and sounds good, you can just leave it.
a bigger amp is not really necessary, although a better amp should be used. i have no knowledge of the PD brand, but from what i've read, they aren't that good. the one that seems to be all the rage here is the JBL BP-1200.1.
car domain has it for $200(refurb) Find%2Ecfg&host_id=42&page_id=14228736&query=jvc+%2A1200%2A+%2A1%2A&hiword=%2A12 00%2A+%2A1%2A+jvc+


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I have only one voice coil hooked up i'm stumped,but you think a bigger amp won't solve the problem ,i thought it was just not enough power coming from the very low end amp.if i'm running off just one voice ciol and nothing's wrong with the speakers what else could it be.I mean i would stand behind my wiring i've done probably 25 different systems but never this

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first rule in installing is don't be to cocky about your wiring. we all have "one of those days"

when you run an amp at a lower impedance that is was designed, you are getting more power from the amp, but if the amp can handle giving the power then that is why it is going into protection mode. the amp thinks there is a problem/short and tries to protect itself.

from the specs you gave, it sounds like it should be plenty powerful enough for the subs.
adding more power would just help kill the subs quicker.

do you have another amp you could swap it out with to try? there is the possiability that your amp is no good.

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Hi, Your amp is rated at 175watts x 2 at 2 ohms. So each sub is getting 175 if you have them wired in parallel. You cannot bridge this amp for two subs or dual voice coil subs. I saw those amps on and thought they were a great deal... but have researched a ton over the last few days and pretty much came to the conclusion that you get what you pay for. Your best bet, amp-wise, is to find a new one that is either two channel and 300 rms per channel at two ohms, or 1 ohm stable mono amp... but your speakers probably cant do that so stick with option 1. Dual voice coil subs will sound horrible with one coil hooked up. The manufacturers tell you that.

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yeah, I wouldnt run one voice coil, my sub came with a warning that said it could cause damage if I ran one voice coil.

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i have a 12" dual voice coil jbl sub and i am only using one voice coil and it sounds fine. Not quite as good as with both hooked up. but good enough. One coil is blown that why i only using one. so you can use just one.
and yah, those amps are total garbage. I had one i bout off ebay for $50 buks. yah it worked. but when i upgraded to my 300watt mtx, the diference was astounding. now i tease my friend that bout my old amp because mine is so much louder then his. heh-heh
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