Building system ... need good amp on a budget


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hey im building a system for a friend on a TIGHT budget. i figure a 15" kicker cvr would be good with a decent amp. would i be better with a class d amp or a class ab amp. what would be a good amp for $150 or less.

alright before you make fun of me know this: i told him if you dont buy good stuff you might not be as impressed as if you did buy good stuff. the only amps i can find in the $150 range are sony class d amps. i know sony is terrible, but does anyone know of a better amp in the price range to be able to meet the 500 wrms that the cvr15 needs? the cvr comes in dual 2 and 4 ohm model so dont worry about that.

one more thing, is there a better 15" sub i can get shipped for less than $110?

thanks for the help.

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sony just isnt any good....period!

a jbl bp600.1 would do. seeing that you have a $150 price range.
they have em (refurbs) for $160 + shipping on

also i have a jbl bp600.1, bp1200.1, and a sony xm-d500x for sale if your interesed. (the sony is a crap amp, like i said...i won it in a comp last weekend...tryin to get rid of

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Hey J-Dub, never ever touch Sony, no matter how cheap the may be. You'll regret it. For $150 range, try eBay, I saw some good bargins there. Class D is a better choice over AB. It uses less power to achieve same result. However if in the future, you'll be using the amp for full range amplification, then AB is a better choice. Class D is only for subs, can't use it anywhere else.
Try and stay away from refurb stuff, go with new, then used, then refurb, then Pyramids then any other cheap amps, and if all those fail, then Sony.
You get the picture right?

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The old Mobile es Sony amps were awesome.
When it was still made in Japan.
but I wouldnt touch it now.
Im just confusing things...arent I

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The jbl is a decent option. Another is the Orion 6002, it's 600w bridged into 4 ohms. It's refurb and $189 at

In your price range, you're looking at refurbs. They're not new, don't carry a manufacturer's new warranty, but they SHOULD be sent back to the factory where they are brought back to specs. I always ask. Good sites for refurbs are, and

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Not really Help2, maybe that's the reason why so many Sony amps fail or burnout.
I think what bothers people the most is that Sony still charges high price for things made in "sweat shops".

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hey marshall

how much are you asking for the jbl600.1. im interested. let me know.
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